INSART – 1st Newsletter

INSART: Art, young people, inclusion

The videos

Products made during the pilot sessions will be represented in multimedia formats, including photography, audio and video.

The catalogue

The catalogue for the exhibition will be developed selecting images and writing comments to describe the exhibited works at the final exhibition in Berlin

The manual

Resource for trainers working in youth integration. The manual will be a report of the project and the training programme developed during the project.

The exhibition

At the end of the project a final conference and an exhibition will be organised in Berlin to bring together trainers and other stakeholders involved in Adult education and to show the artistic works.

INSART: Art, young people, inclusion

INSART is an innovative project, co-financed with the support of the European Commission's Lifelong Learning Grundtvig Programme, which aims to provide real opportunities for the personal and professional development of disadvantaged young people, including young people with an immigrant background, across five European countries – through an artistic experience. Since January 2014, the five partners of the project (ELAN INTERCULTUREL - co-ordinator - France, LES ATELIERS D'ART CONTEMPORAIN (AAC) - project promoters - Belgium, MERSEYSIDE EXPANDING HORIZONS (MEH) - United Kingdom, BERLINK - Germany and CESIE - Italy) have been managing the project's local and international activities and exploring the expression and artistic creation's potentialities in the labour market inclusion. The project's activities are encouraging the active participation of the young people and promoting their skills' development and self-confidence.


From France…


During the kick-off meeting, in January 2014 in Paris, the five partners planned the steps of the project and its results in detail, including:

  • A web site with information related to the progress of the project in four languages and downloadable resources
  • Local artistic workshops adapted to young people (16-25 years old)
  • An exhibition catalogue providing the art works made during the local workshops. The art works will be shown at the final conference in Berlin
  • A manual for trainers working in youth inclusion

From the start, the project has been linked to local stakeholders' networks involved in youth inclusion in the five European countries. These stakeholders have been interviewed by the partners in order to identify some best practices for youth inclusion. The report of the survey of these stakeholders will be soon available on the INSART website.

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…via Belgium…


At the beginning of the summer 2014, five artist-facilitators and five coordinators from each partner country participated in a residence-training in Liège, in order to organise the local artistic workshops which were to run subsequently. During this residence, the artists have been trained to the principles of intercultural approach and socio-artistic methodologies developed in Les Ateliers d'Art Contemporain by the artist Werner Moron and the collective Paracommand'art. Moreover, every participant has made his/her own video-performance. This training enabled the artists to create their own artistic workshop back home.

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…travelling in the local artistic workshops…


The first local artistic workshop took place in Liverpool. Through different sessions, 20 young people with a migration background experimented drawing, painting, collage, printing, sculpture, action, video, body sound, photography, digital art, and they also explored nature through outdoor activities.
In Palermo, after the publication of a call for participants, a body expression and dance workshop was held with 17 young unemployed people, including some with a migration background.
In Paris a local partnership has been established with the association "Africa News and interdependencies". A first workshop was held in early October at the House of Steelworkers, in which each participant has made a short film and a soundtrack.
In Berlin 7 youngsters experienced photography and various activities linked to this art supported by Dario-Jacopo Laganà and Darkam, in the trendy and multicultural Kreuzberg area.


Finally, In Liege, a participatory workshop for an artistic creation will be realized during the first quarter of 2015, in partnership with Youth Centres, starting from the concept of "Musée de l'Ephémère.".


These artistic activities will enable about 75 young Europeans to fully realise their potential, they will be encouraged to acquire new skills and to find autonomy and motivation for the development of a professional project adapted to their personal needs and desires.

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…to the United Kingdom!


In the upcoming months, the artistic workshops will continue to evolve and will be part of a video production. The most recent step of INSART brought us to Liverpool, where the artist-facilitators and the coordinators of each country shared their views and experiences on the artistic workshops, so as to collect and to be able to report and disseminate the best practices learnt at European level through the publication of a manual.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.