INSART – 3rd Newsletter

INSART: Art, young people, inclusion
INSART: Art, young people, inclusion

INSART is an innovative project, co-financed with the support of the European Commission's Lifelong Learning Grundtvig Programme, which aims to provide real opportunities for the personal and professional development of disadvantaged young people, including young people with an immigrant background, across five European countries – through an artistic experience. Since January 2014, the five partners of the project (ELAN INTERCULTUREL - co-ordinator - France, LES ATELIERS D'ART CONTEMPORAIN (AAC) - project promoters - Belgium, MERSEYSIDE EXPANDING HORIZONS (MEH) - United Kingdom, BERLINK - Germany and CESIE - Italy) have been managing the project's local and international activities and exploring the expression and artistic creation's potentialities in the labour market inclusion. The project's activities are encouraging the active participation of the young people and promoting their skills' development and self-confidence.


After the International training on art mediation and Interculturality and Final Conference in Berlin


From the 9th to the 13th May 2016 the five-day international training and final conference took place in Berlin hosted by BERLINK. The five-day training involved 17 people among participants and facilitators coming from different countries in Europe to learn the artistic mediation methodologies that have been tested and promoted during the INSART project. Participants took part in workshops experimenting in the active ingredients of arts in the areas of photography, visual arts, theater and dance provided by the artists facilitators who were trained during the project on the artistic methodology real path/Imaginary path developed by the artist Werner Moron and Les Paracommand’arts. Participants then spent the last two days of the training working closely with the artist as mentor to create their own personal project based on what they have learned and focusing on one of the four artistic areas. Participants then presented their final art works to the group at the end of the training.

The Activities of the training…


The first day was dedicated to introduce participants, facilitators, the training and to overview the expectations and the training’s goals. Working in multicultural settings and to the method of “real path – imaginary path” developed by Werner Moron for the Paracommand’arts were also introduced.

During the second day and first part of the third day, participants were involved in the artistic workshops to experience the active ingredients of art:

  • Experiencial introduction to active ingredients of Theater led by Cecile Stola (ELAN Interculturel)
  • Experiencial introduction to active ingredients of Visual Arts led by Adel Spiers (MEH)
  • Experiencial introduction to active ingredients Photo led by Dario Jacopo Laganà (Berlink)
  • Experiencial introduction to active ingredients of Dance led by Soad Ibrahim (CESIE)

The second part of the third day and the fourth day were dedicated to create individual art works in collaboration with the artists.


…and the Final Conference


The final conference was held on the last day, the 13th of May 2016 and brought together the participants of the training and many other educators and stakeholders involved in adult education. Moreover, few of the youngsters that took part in the local trainings held in 2014 in each partner country, were invited to attend the conference.

The artist Werner Moron, attended the conference to present the artistic methodology real path/imaginary path to participants.

During the morning, the results of the local trainings held in 2014 were presented to the audience. Moreover, participants were involved in a round table to share their personal experience in the INSART project.

During the afternoon, the workshops of the four artistic areas were run and the results of each workshop were presented at the end of the day.


And now.. what’s next?


After the project activities have come to the end, the consortium is now finalising the INSART Manual for trainers and educators who are involved in the intercultural field and aimed at using art mediation to support the inclusion of young people. The Manual collects all the results and lessons learned by the artists-facilitators during the project, and provides a guide for trainers to replicate the activities and methodology used in INSART in their own local context. To download the Manual from the website in French, Italian, German and English, please click here.


All the results of the personal projects will be soon available on the INSART website as part of the catalogue of art works produced during the project.


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