INSART – 2nd Newsletter

INSART: Art, young people, inclusion
INSART: Art, young people, inclusion

INSART is an innovative project, co-financed with the support of the European Commission's Lifelong Learning Grundtvig Programme, which aims to provide real opportunities for the personal and professional development of disadvantaged young people, including young people with an immigrant background, across five European countries – through an artistic experience. Since January 2014, the five partners of the project (ELAN INTERCULTUREL - co-ordinator - France, LES ATELIERS D'ART CONTEMPORAIN (AAC) - project promoters - Belgium, MERSEYSIDE EXPANDING HORIZONS (MEH) - United Kingdom, BERLINK - Germany and CESIE - Italy) have been managing the project's local and international activities and exploring the expression and artistic creation's potentialities in the labour market inclusion. The project's activities are encouraging the active participation of the young people and promoting their skills' development and self-confidence.


International training on art mediation and interculturality and final conference in Berlin


On 9th- 13th May 2016, the international training and final conference for the INSART project will take place in Berlin Germany hosted by BERLINK. The training titled “Art Mediation and Interculturality” will take place in the Arena Treptow, Glashaus , Berlin. The partnership will bring together the international team of artists that have been key actors of the project who have participated in a residence-training in Liège and delivered the local artistic workshop with young people in 2014. These artists with expertise and good practices in theatre, visual art, photography and dance will lead the activities during the training and final conference together with facilitators and experts in adult education and intercultural dialogue from each partner organisation.



Who are the artists and facilitators for the INSART training?


The training and final conference will also support the development of individual art works by participants and provide an experiential introduction to the method of “real path – imaginary path” developed by Werner Moron for Paracommand’arts which has been at the centre of the art methodologies explored by the project. The main goal of the training t is to support the adaptation methods of art mediation into intercultural settings. It is aimed at involving trainers, educators, artists, youth workers interested in the intersection of art and interculturality, in making art a source of developing motivation, engagement and autonomy. The methodology used during the training will be based on the synergy of three pillars:

  • The art mediation method developed by Werner Moron and the Paracommand’arts
  • The art practice of the participating artists: Adele Spiers, Soad Ibrahim, Dario Jacopo Lagana, Emmanuel Louis and Ivan Gonzales
  • Intercultural and non-formal pedagogy

Please click here to view a short introduction of the trainers and facilitators from the INSART partnership involved in the training!


INSART Manual - Insertion des jeunes à travers l'art et l'interculturalité


The conference on 13th May will see the launch of the INSART training manual which is the main tangible product of the project. The manual will be available online in digital format on the INSART website www.insart.eu and all partner websites and will which will serve as a resource for facilitators, trainers, teachers and educators involved in the social and labour market inclusion of young people.


Young people of INSART will participate in the final conference!


Each partner organisation has invited young participants to Berlin to participate in the final conference in order to share their experiences with other young people from the project, trainers and stakeholders, take part in the different workshop activities and provide opportunity to further develop competences in the area of art and creativity.


The final conference aims to bring together trainers, a selection of the young participants from each partner country who have participated in the local trainings and key stakeholders involved in adult education to share experiences in the field of art and youth inclusion and will exhibit the results of the artistic works through produced by young participants and trainers during the project. To view the training and final conference agenda click here!


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