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Are you between 16 and 25 years old?

Are you unemployed and are looking for a new challenge?

If yes, then INSART is for you! Selections have started for the 75 participants to our socio-artistic workshops. These will be held in Berlin, Liverpool, Liege, Paris and Palermo from July till December 2014 and will last approx. 35 hours. Our artist-facilitators will guide you through a creative process which will bring you to give an artistic shape to an idea, an intention. If you’d like to take part in one of the ateliers, send us an email at . Be ready for a life changing experience!

INSART-Residential-training-in-BelgiumFrom June the 30th to July the 5th, more than 5 artists and 5 project managers met in Liège (Belgium) for a residential training.

The workshops included training on the basis of intercultural psychology as well as a socio-artistic training through which each participant developed its own artistic video-performance, starting from a personal idea. Thanks to this training, the five artist-facilitators will elaborate on their own artistic workshop, to be carried out in each participating country with 10 to 15 young job-seekers.

The artistic workshops in Palermo, Berlin, Liverpool, Lièges and Paris will be carried out in August, September, October and November 2014, each with a different kind of art form. Recruitment of the 15 youngsters is bound to start soon. Stay tuned for the call for participants!

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Fra fine giugno e inizio luglio 2014, i 5 artisti ospiti si troveranno a Lièges per la formazione in residenza, propedeutica alle sessioni pilota locali. Durante la residenza entreranno in contatto con i principi dell’approccio interculturale e con le metodologie socio-artistiche sviluppate da “Les Ateliers d’Art Contemporain”.

rencontre-photo-de-groupe_webThe kick-off meeting of the INSART was held on 8-10 January 2014 in Paris, France. The project, involving a Consortium of 5 organizations, will aim at giving better employment chances to young marginalized or migrant people aged 16/25 (the so called “NEET” group: not in education, not in employment, nor in training”).

As youth unemployment progressively increases across the EU, social exclusion and marginalization are causing deleterious consequences on youngsters: lack of confidence and motivation, despair and economic complications. The INSART project will tackle these issues using an innovative methodology that merges artistic pedagogy and intercultural psychology.

After an initial state-of-the-art survey and research on the inclusion of marginalized or migrant youngsters, pilot sessions consisting in an artistic process will take place in each participating country and will involve 10 to 20 youngsters. Such sessions will enable participants to use artistic techniques (drawing, dance, music, videos) to get in touch with their personalities, inclinations and desires. The artistic results of these pilot sessions will then be exhibited at the final conference in Berlin.

Through INSART, project partners believe that marginalized youngsters will receive the necessary tools and training that will enable them to empower them in a new and yet more efficient manner, revealing the powerful role art has in all situations and for all kinds of recipients.

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