In the framework of the LLP Grundtvig-funded project INSART we publish here a video created by CESIE with backstage images and interviews to several young participants of the project’s artistic workshop that was held in Palermo.

Dancer Soad Ibrahim led the Italian dance and body movement workshop. It resulted in three video performances (check them out here) and greatly contributed to intercultural exchanges and increased self-awareness in its seventeen participants, both Italian and with a migrant background. As one of the interviewees put it: « I noted how there were differences amongst participants in this workshop…But they were not real differences. We were all like a big family in this workshop!”.

Upcoming events in the project’s lifespan will be the final international event in May in Berlin, which will see the participation of artists, educators and youngsters from the project’s four participating countries and the digital manual with infos on how art can play a decisive role in intercultural contexts.

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